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QR code

The QR code, short for Quick Response code, is a matrix barcode (2-dimensional). It was developed by the automobile supplier company Dens in 1994. The purpose was the fast identification of assembly groups and components.

But today, the code become more and more popular, because almost every mobile phone is able to decode the matrices with the internal camera. It's possible to encode a link with the QR code, scan the matrix with a mobile phone and get directly to the encoded link. And it is possible to save all type of data with the QR code.

For more information, see


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Coming soon...

The next articles will be...

  • How to run an ultrasonic-distance-sensor + basic knowledgement + example code
  • The DS1307 Real time clock + example code + EAGLE Files for self-made DS1307 PCB
  • Sensirion SHT15 Digital Humidity Sensor + example code + EAGLE Files for self-made SHT15 PCB
  • Solar powered Arduino + voltage regulator 12V

As soon as I have more time (~ April 2011) I will write articles from the projects above

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Icon, QR and preparation for different languages

  • Favicon added
  • QR code added
  • I prepared my blog for different languages. In the future all articles will be available in English and German.
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Google Analytics

I signed on for Google Analytics, and now I am able to keep track of the website statistics, visitors, download and so on. It's a very useful service... and it is for free!

Please note the information in the impress!

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Important Links


Arduino in general



Many important links about the topic GPS


Arduino and the Ethernet

If you want to create your own web server, (e.g. to display sensor data in the www) the following links could be interesting




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